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Hi friends and life-lovers!

Here are some of the great (and appreciated) comments I have received about my website and in my blogs...


“Feels like I wanna write something inspiring but the truth is you are inspiration itself… So really not much to say, but still wanted to say something.” - Goran, mid stakes poker player and coach.


“Through reading Chris's blog, I am not only learning a piece of Chris's life. But also learning about myself. I understand why I do certain things, why I embark on certain projects. How do I deal with many other things that come up in life and don't lose sight in my ultimate goal. It is such an enlightenment to get a fragment of Chris's life. Because he is someone who can relate to us. He is not a celebrity like Will Smith or Bill Gates. He is just a dad who is trying to be best version of himself through his daily lives. And through reading his blogs, I can relate how should I react to different thing in my life and be the best version of myself.” - Lei.


"I think your website is wicked! I had a rough time at home this week, and just reading ur positivity put things in perspective and we've turned it around overnight!!

I read that Power Of Why article and it clicked... Why do i do it everyday, simple really, cos i love em!!?? It only takes a simple thing like 'why' to make it clear..." - Phil.


“Very nice work amigo. I totally agree with Rovar, you are inspiration itself.“ - Nuno.


“Hey Chris really nice vid dude. It’s nice to hear a bit of background it makes even more impressive what you’ve achieved and what you WILL achieve.” - Aviat0r71


“So much good content! Not only poker wise but life in general! Thanks for posting and sharing!” - Tiger.

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